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Catherine Meacham Durgin

Catherine Meacham Durgin

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Catherine Meacham Durgin, a specialist in luxury real estate, heads her two family real estate firms, Meacham LLC and Meacham Real Estate LLC, with New York offices at 745 Fifth Avenue. Meacham LLC specializes in buying and selling high end luxury residential real estate for private clients.

Catherine Meacham Durgin’s family was one of the largest landholders in colonial Virginia through a royal land grant. They were active in the layout of old Richmond in the 18th century. After the Revolution and the Louisiana Purchase as the country expanded, so did their land holdings - into Tennessee and along the Mississippi River. After the Civil War, they bought land and developed new communities. In the 19th Century, the family opened Meacham Realty offices in New York on Park Row. In 1902, they opened offices in the Flatiron Building, the skyscraper of the time. In the late 19th century, they developed land in New York and in Nassau County. In the early 20th century, they were active in the development of the east coast of Florida, and the Barrier Islands. The family has also been active in the development, sale and management of luxury residential and commercial projects in Tennessee.

Meacham and its related real estate businesses are service marked.

Specialist in Luxury Real Estate