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Catherine Meacham Durgin has a deep and wide range of experience in real estate through her family and through her many years of personal experience in New York. She has been an analyst and problem solver on many projects and worked with City, State and Federal agencies to make them successful. Catherine is a game changer.

Catherine understands the site, soil, drainage, construction and mechanicals of buildings. She is thoroughly familiar with the requirements for purchase and sale, and with the Board approval process of New York buildings.

Catherine is an analyst and problem solver. She knows her customers and clients, and she innately understands their problems and needs. Each is a distinct individual for whom she provides unique service. She creates a marketing plan specific to their needs.

Catherine knows the importance of marketing. After business school, the importance of marketing was made clear to her through the eyes of her late husband, President of a major television network, whose network ratings placed first each year he was President. After his death, Catherine spent a year doing specialized research on marketing. Believing that the well being of real estate is central to the economy of the City, Catherine has, twice, turned the market.

Catherine can provide in-depth market analysis and evaluation.

Catherine has earned the designations as: Certified Buyer’s Representative, New York Residential Specialist, and Master Certified Negotiation Expert.

For Buyers

  • Suggesting that a hedge fund founder would find an important apartment in New York helpful, Catherine found the trophy apartment he wanted in one day.
  • Someone, with several residences, wanted a pied-a- terre in New York. Catherine showed four apartments. An offer was made that day.
  • A young person, from another city, came to Catherine, looking for a large apartment in a luxury building suitable for newly married life. Catherine showed an apartment with a wonderful floor plan. By happenstance, Catherine knew the young person’s family. Catherine made a call, and an offer was made on the apartment that day.

For Sellers

  • Catherine was asked to sell an apartment that she knew was the most beautiful apartment in the building. A CEO wanted the apartment for his relative at a very low price. Catherine changed her marketing, and found a buyer at above asking price.
  • A young executive, to whom Catherine had sold an apartment, was transferred to London. Catherine sold the apartment, at a very good price, which closed before the executive flew to Europe.
  • Catherine had sold an apartment to someone with multiple residences. The value of the New York apartment had increased substantially. Catherine reported the substantial increase in value to the owner/residents. They were very happy and wanted to sell. Catherine sold their apartment at the highest price ever paid in that building.

For Estates

  • A titled person, whom Catherine knew, died, leaving an estate with multiple properties in several states in the U.S. and two countries, with significant tax consequences. Catherine handled the sale of the New York real estate for the children. The New York property sold quickly, but because of the significant tax problems, the estate took time to close.
  • Catherine was asked to handle the estate of a widow, whom Catherine did not know. The widow had called Catherine because Catherine had been kind to her. The widow’s late husband had incurred significant debt growing his business. Catherine got tax help for the widow, and refused to sell the widow’s home for less than asking price.